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Mama Tong Soup

Sister In-Law's Chicken Curry: 16oz LOCAL PICKUP Frozen

Sister In-Law's Chicken Curry: 16oz LOCAL PICKUP Frozen

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Made with a slow simmered chicken bone broth and tender bites of chicken, this rich and nutrient dense curry warms the heart and nourishes the whole family. Enjoy on its own or serve with your favorite cooked veggies over rice. Available frozen in a pint sized pouch. Always packaged chilled.

Ingredients: chicken bone broth (filtered water, chicken bones*, celery*, carrot*, onion*, parsley*, thyme*), onion*, tomato*, chicken*, ginger*, garlic*, galangal, lemongrass*, (soy free) garbanzo miso* (organic handmade rice koji, organic whole chickpeas, sun dried sea salt, blue ridge mtn well water), cilantro*, curry leaf, garam masala*, turmeric powder*, smoked paprika*, cumin*, coriander*, garlic salt*, olive oil*, coconut sugar*, bay leaf*, sea salt (*organic).

Contains: tree nuts.


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