Our Ingredients

Bone Broth

Mama Tong Bone Broth is made the traditional way, low and slow. The main ingredient in any Bone Broth or Soup is clean water, I use a system by Friends of Water. For the Lamb, Pork, and Beef Bone Broths I use organic bones from Stemple Creek, a ranch in Tomales Bay committed to regenerative agriculture. The Turkey Broth is make with organic pastured turkey bones and organic chicken feet. The bones for the Classic Chicken Bone Broth and the Ginger Chicken Broth are certified organic and come from Pitman Farms in Petaluma. The vegetables and herbs are fresh and certified organic.

The resources for learning about the health attributes of a slow cooked broth are abounding. I trust you can find those resources easily enough especially as it’s becoming more and more well-known, but I want to acknowledge here that this is real food. This is food that has been recognized in most every culture since the beginning of time. There is reverence and respect in valuing and utilizing the entire animal that has given its life for our sustenance. I feel grateful to be able to support farms and ranches that are caring for the land and animals with this sentiment.

  • We source pasture-raised organic chickens from Fogline Farm on the Ano Nuevo Peninsula. These chickens have access to fresh grass, bugs, worms, fresh air and sunlight. 

  • We also source pasture-raised organic chicken, turkey and duck raised with care from Root Down Farm in Pescadero. Their mission is to work within our ecosystem to responsibly steward the land, improve soil health, and raise the healthiest animals and humans possible.

  • We source superior-quality, delicious organic and grass-fed/finished beef and lamb and pasture-raised pork bones from Stemple Creek Ranch. This inspiring farm is fighting climate change by using the best regenerative practices, such as water retention, biodiversity and carbon capture soil techniques.

  • We source our ingredients from sustainable sources such as Big Bluff Ranch, a fourth generation farm producing organic, pasture-raised chicken.

  • We source Certified Humane organic chicken from Mary's. These birds are non-GMO air chilled with special respect to animal welfare.