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Mama Tong Soup

Mama Tong Soup Kit LOCAL PICKUP

Mama Tong Soup Kit LOCAL PICKUP

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Included in the Mama Tong Soup Kit:
• Detailed instructions
• Packet #1 Chinese Herbs: Red Dates*, Longon Fruit*, Goji Berries*, Snow Fungus*, Woodear Mushroom*
• Packet #2 Sliced Ginger*, Rice Wine (water, rice*, sea salt, koji)

What you will need:
1. Stovetop
2. One 12 qt & one 8 qt stock pot
3. Fine mesh strainer
4. One whole chicken
5. 4 lb chicken backs
6. 1 lb chicken feet (optional but highly beneficial)
7. Sea salt

Total Preparation Time: 6-12 hours

Each of these Chinese herbs has properties that help rebuild blood and aid recovery. The ginger and rice wine help to break down the chicken bones and draw out the essential nutrients that help restore your chi.

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