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From Our Customers

"I loved [the Ji Tong Herbal Chicken] soup! Great flavors blend together with lots of interesting ingredients. After reading more about the ingredients, I now can match the tastes and flavors. Thanks Mama Tong for a great breastfeeding boost!"
- Elizabeth

"The chicken soup is my absolute favorite. I got a chance to try a number of Mama Tong's soups and I had three servings of this chicken soup. It is hearty and super flavorful. You feel full and satisfied, which is exactly what you need if you're a breastfeeding mom, and a mother of two."
- Lena

"I bought soups for a friend of mine who recently gave birth. It felt so nice to be able to bring something that was specifically for her and her healing process. I brought a separate dish for the dad and sibling, but it's certainly enough for a meal for mom, or more if she wants to share."
- Christen

"I also tried the Ji Tong soup and loved the chicken in it. These soups are great for new moms but I'll be buying this soup for the next time my girlfriends and I get together. We can all use the nutrition!"
- Andrea

"I can't stop thinking about that bowl of soup I had for lunch. It was so nourishing. My body craved more!"
- Diana

"I have to admit, I was a little nervous when I tried [the Pork Vinegar] soup. It's very dark, and there are a lot of bones, but it is delicious once you dig in. There's nothing to be afraid of. It was satisfying without being heavy. I would eat it again even if I weren't recovering from childbirth.  It is my favorite of the soups Mama Tong offers."
- Christine

"This soup is tasty and nutritious! The pork gives it a richness and the vinegar make it taste tangy and a bit sweet. Delicious! I even ate all the ginger pieces, I couldn't get enough."
- Kelli

"I am a fan for your packaging btw. The bag makes it very gift-able, and I appreciate the information on the soup packages."
- Lilian

"My mom went with me to a tasting [held by our competitor].  She remarked that this soup was better tasting than any of the food she tried there and was better suited for her (Cantonese-based) tastes."
- Esther

"Our mom and dad are so far away. They wanted to make us the soups after the baby was born. But, thankfully they found you instead!"
- Mary

"This morning I ran out the door without much to eat and by the time I got to lunch I was dragging. I felt like I was going to melt away until I had your soup, then I felt like I was recharged and could do anything. It was the most incredible feeling in the world."
- Giovanna

"Instead of a hug, I sent your soups, and my friend told me it was like a hug from within."
- Ariana

"I had the pork and sweet vinegar soup for lunch today with an egg. It was *so* good -- so rich and meaty and warm. I guess I wasn't supposed to eat the ginger, but I could help chewing on it a bit because it was so sweet and so much mellower than the raw stuff."
- Brigid

"I'm not a vegetarian, but the vegetarian soups you make are so hearty and rich I don't miss the meat. I didn't know you could make soup like that! My favorite is the mushroom one."
- Sarah

"I never tried Kabocha or Azuki beans before and I loved it! So, when are you going to start doing a subscription service so that I can have this every day?"
- Chris (you can now subscribe at